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Hey! Nice game and great page! 

Would you mind answering a question for us? My team and I have been trying to use the same font you used for this page for our own. We found it on the internet as "04b_03", but we can't find it on google fonts. We were wondering how you managed to use it here? Thanks in advance! :)

Thanks! It's the "Pixel" font in the theme editor. We also asked for custom CSS to be abled to pull off a few other tricks.

Amazing game! Playing this on android was fun... For Windows, it would be great if you could consider adding either a x86 or an ARM64 Win version too for more platforms :)

Other than that, keep up the great work!


Glad you enjoyed it! Once the game is out of early access we'll create more platform versions.

Thank you so much for the response :) keep up the amazing work!

amazing webpage man ! great job


Thank you!